Living in such a naturally beautiful area between the coast and moors, sustainability and environmental responsibility have always been very much at the core of Estbek; without it, we won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of the local area as rising sea levels caused by climate change will wash it away.

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment and thus preserve the beauty of Sandsend. This includes;

  • Buying fish, meat, dairy produce and eggs from local, family run businesses; not only is this helping to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re also supporting local businesses!

  • Sourcing eggs from out own free range hens where possible.

  • Growing our own seasonal fruits and vegetables; we aim to grow 80-100% of the salad leaves we use ourselves. In addition we also grow many other vegetables, fruits and herbs in Estbek’s gardens and poly tunnel.

  • Making all our own chocolate, biscuits, desserts and ice creams in house so that they do not have to be outsourced; this has also allowed us to create many new vegan options.

  • Making our own cheeses in house; this also allows us to come up with creative new options, such as our ever popular basil cheese.


  • Purchase from renewable sources where possible

  • Radiators fitted with thermostatic valves so that energy is not wasted

  • Building insulated within constraints of Grade II listing

  • Laundry washed in-house and dried outside, achieving 85% reduction in carbon usage for our laundry services

  • Creation of a poly tunnel allowing us to grow our own fresh produce, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint


  • Sending all glass and metal for recycling

  • Purchasing items made of biodegradable, recyclable materials wherever practically possible

  • Usage of our own water filter and sparkling systems thus reducing waste packaging

  • Using leftover water from ice buckets to water plants at the end of each night.

We are extremely proud to have been recognised for our efforts, having been nominated for the White Rose Award for Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.